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Welcome to The Franklin Company, Inc. - Employee Services Gateway page.     Links to time-saving and frequently requested resources are provided here.   All form and submittal information is subject to verification through employee records that we maintain.

In case of an error or incorrect submission, please phone The Franklin Company payroll department toll-free at   800 - 523 - 4948   to provide the corrected information.

  • ONLINE Employee Weekly Hours Memo FORM (hours report)
    Instead of phone or fax to "call in" your hours.  For use by employees of The Franklin Company who have been granted access.

    Hours must be received by 12 o'clock Monday afternoon.   This does not replace your signed timecard.   Please continue to MAIL or FAX a supervisor authorized timecard on a weekly basis.

  • Send a Resume. Please phone toll-free 800-523-4948, ask to speak with a career specialist or recruiter about current opportunities. E-mail your resume to the Philadelphia office.

  • You may PRINT this authorized   TIME CARD
    Fill it in, have it signed by supervisor, and MAIL or FAX it.
    This REPLACES the normal paper time slips.   No password required.

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